Pre-Conference Agenda

GFOAT Pre-Conference Workshop*

Tuesday and Wednesday, October 31–November 1, 2017

Westin Riverwalk Hotel
420 W Market St, San Antonio, TX 78205

*Unless otherwise noted, the pre-conference workshop will be held at the Westin Riverwalk Hotel, in the Camino Real (Lobby Level).

The ABCs of CIP: The Basic Building Blocks of Your Capital Program (8.0 CGFO/CPE for both days)

This workshop will run the full gamut of CIP planning, with expert panels covering all the basic elements of a solid CIP program.

Topics will include:

  • defining capital needs
  • determining financing plan
  • getting authorization
  • issuing debt
  • managing and accounting for projects
  • implementing and maintaining infrastructure

This broad-brush view is ideal for the newcomer to a bonded CIP program or to those looking to gain a broader systemic perspective of the finance officer’s role in CIP planning and management.

Workshop Fee

The workshop registration fee (separate from the conference fee) includes days one and two, as well as refreshment breaks, and a continental breakfast on Wednesday. $175 with early, full conference registration and $190 for early, pre-conference workshop only.


(afternoon snack provided)

11:30–1:30 p.m.
Pre-Conference Registration

Hotel Lobby

1:00–2:00 p.m.
Setting the Stage – Defining Capital Needs

This session will cover how to define and schedule your capital needs, and it will incorporate the value of comprehensive planning, including community engagement. Speakers will also discuss the integration of infrastructure and facility master plans and examine tools to rank and prioritize projects for competing funds and multi-year phasing or staging of projects.

2:15–3:45 p.m.
Funding the Programs – Determining Financing Plan

Who should pay? Who will pay? How will they pay? When will they pay?

Learn about the various financing alternatives for capital programs. Discussion topics include restricted sources, such as impact fees, HOT funds, grants, and partnerships with third parties, and of course, debt financing.

3:45–5:00 p.m.
Soliciting Support

Depending on the financing source selected and particularly if the capital is debt-financed, several due process steps are required. Find out how to incorporate public hearings, elections and/or notifications in your CIP programs.


(continental breakfast provided)

8:00–9:15 a.m.
Issuing Debt

This discussion will focus exclusively on the basics of debt issuance and will cover the types of debt and issues. Learn who the parties are in a debt offering and issuance as well as options for how to structure the repayment of the debt issued. Also hear updates on legal considerations for issuing in Texas.

9:30–11:00 a.m.
Project Management

Once a project has been approved and financed, the fun begins. Learn some basics behind managing a capital project from a finance perspective during the various phases: selection of contractors, cash flow management, cost containment and monitoring, accounting for projects, and records retention.

11:00 a.m.–Noon
Long-Term Implementation and Maintenance

This final pre-conference segment focuses on continual maintenance. When do you implement the tax rates that you told the voters were required?  How do you manage the on-going operational impacts of the newly built project or program? How do you keep the bond holders informed? How do you keep the community engaged in past projects once the paint is dry?

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